Basket Assembly November 21, 2016

When we meet on November 21, 2016, we will assemble the baskets for the Holiday Craft Fair.basket-assembly

If you haven’t yet signed up to work on a basket and would like to, please contact any of the board members or email

We will be creating the following themed baskets, please specify in your email your 1st and 2nd choice for basket:





Wine & Candy



Gift Card



Please remember to bring the item(s) you are responsible for or make arrangements with the basket leader to drop items off ahead of time.

Please be sure someone in your basket group has been assigned to bring:   large basket, tape, cellophane wrap, scissors, pen, note card or something to print basket contents on.


We will also have out the tags for the Giving Tree.  If you aren’t able to make the meeting and want to help out on the giving tree, please have a friend grab you a tag or contact the board at and we can assign you a tag.


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