Get Flocked Fundraiser!!!

Get Flocked!!!

Get Flocked Fundraiser

Photo Credit: National Geographic

You may have noticed some cute flamingos migrating around town over the past few days.  That’s because WMC has kicked off the GET FLOCKED fundraiser. 

****  Not in the mood for a little flamingo fun?  Not a problem.  You can still purchase Anti-Flocking Insurance for the low premium of $10.00. ****

To get in on the fun, simply fill out the order form below.  Order forms can be submitted 3 ways:

  • email completed form to  We will be in touch to collect payment.
  • mail form + payment to PO Box 69,  Whitman
  • hand completed form + payment to any current board member if you happen to see them around town (Tricia Eddy, Denise Taylor, Sandy Cortez, Jean Jacbo, Karen Marshall, Christine Hadden, Erica Grindell, Joann Daley, Lynne Walton, Jen Cleary, Anne Johnson, Michele Frank, Nancy Payton, Jane Plasse, Dianna Crawford, Norma Gardner)

Click on form image to download / print

Here are a few of the first to be flocked:

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